a mischievous little fairy

Yesterday thudding tumbles and shrills of laughter beckoned my husband up the stairs to find two silently stunned little girls staring at a shattered collection of pinks and blues, and one silent fairy. Now, I’m fully aware of Tinkerbell’s reputation and she is the only mute that I would confidently consider nothing less than loquacious! She never fails to escape harm and last night was no different. For the last year she has behaved quite properly by residing happily atop her delicate pink bulb. And while I still don’t know the truth behind yesterday’s demolition of her home, I am certain of one thing…she saw it coming because she escaped without so much as a scratch!

Tinkerbell Carnage BW

Now when hubby brought her down the stairs and set her on the kitchen counter, I thought her waggery was complete. However, this morning our youngest was moving a dish from the sink, and though she has never broken a dish to date, the tell-tale chimes of shattering glass rang out. Of course Tinkerbell sat unassumingly in the corner and I can’t be certain whether the smirk of satisfaction adorning her face was an admission of involvement, so there she sits without consequence.

However, this evening she appeared quite pensive among her carnage…so we’ll permit her to stay another day.

Tinkerbell Carnage Color


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