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So, today I did a search on the internet for the top ranked state in relation to public education. Although my hubby and I had realized our state was previously ranked 48th in the nation, we realized just how well we aim for the bottom bar when we realized we are 50th in the nation this year according to Morgan Quinto Press.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate the efforts of the hard-working and highly dedicated teachers of our state! I know many of them personally and the passion that they hold for improving individual lives, if not the school system as a whole is unmistakenly evident. Our state is also faced with the very real challenges of border immigrants who come to Arizona speaking a foreign language which further inhibits their children from immediately excelling in the public school system. All of this, in spite of the fact that our teachers have very often become the disciplinarians (or frazzled in frustration because of their inability to be) as well as the sole encouragement a lot of these children receive simply because we are raising self-reliant individuals who are expected to thrive in the midst of minimal relational interaction because parents have been swallowed by the “two income family” reality.

I have to tell you that the factor that I believe weighs most heavily upon most of the border states’ ranking has to do with immigration, largely due to illegal immigration. I took the ten states with the highest legal immigration populations and evaluated their ranking in comparison to their geographic location. Almost all of the southern border states are in the the lower 60 percentile with the exception of Texas which is currently 24th. However, the states with the highest immigration population weren’t limited to the southern US border. In fact, NY (10th) and NJ (4th) were among them but still managed to rank in the top ten! So, what is the difference?

Take a look for yourself. The following ten states (listed in descending order according to immigration population) have the highest immigration statistics and are followed by their educational ranking as well as the origin of their highest immigration population.

California ranks 46th with 36% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.
Texas ranks 24th with 51% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.
New York ranks 10th with 9% of their legal immigration originating from India.
Illinois ranks 32nd with 24% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.
Florida ranks 36th with 25% of their legal immigration originating from Cuba.
Arizona ranks 50th with 47% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.
Georgia ranks 40th with 15% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.
New Jersey ranks 4th with 17% of their legal immigration originating from India.
North Carolina ranks 22nd with 17% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.
Colorado ranks 23rd with 32% of their legal immigration originating from Mexico.

These stats showed me that New York and New Jersey probably didn’t have a miracle education reform in as much as the immigrants that are most prevalent are from countries that value and instill education and English as a second (third or fourth) language from a very young age; keeping in mind that China is also among their highest number of immigrants. So, the bottom line is how can we place blame on teachers who are faced with classrooms filled with students who are desperately trying to interpret English, outside of the expectation that they will also interpret concepts conveyed in English?!

So, take a look at the list below to find out where your state ranks according to our nation’s educational standards. (The links will take you to your state’s board of education.)

Say a prayer for our teachers.

And someone PLEASE dig around and tell me what in the world Texas is doing right to rank 24th with the odds stacked against them!

© Victoria Sheahan, 2005

1. Vermont
2. Connecticut
3. Massachusetts
4. New Jersey
5. Maine
6. Minnesota
7. Virginia
8. Wisconsin
9. Montana
10. New York
12. Nebraska
13. Kansas
14. Iowa
15. New Hampshire
16. Rhode Island
17. Wyoming
18. South Dakota
19. Maryland
20. North Dakota
21. Missouri
22. North Carolina
23. Colorado
24. Texas
25. Delaware
26. Indiana
27. Michigan
28. Idaho
29. South Carolina
30. Washington
31. Ohio
32. Illinois
33. Utah
34. West Virginia
35. Kentucky
36. Florida
37. Arkansas
38. Oregon
39. Oklahoma
40. Georgia
41. Tennessee
42. Hawaii
43. Alabama
44. Alaska
45. Louisiana
46. California
47. Nevada
48. New Mexico
49. Mississippi
50. Arizona


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  1. 1

    (bs.) said,

    Hay thare,

    You forgot the “u” in “frum” and “thu” in yor blog titel.

    luv you, hunny.
    yor hubby. 😉

  2. 2

    Zabrina said,

    I can’t believe Arizona is the last in the ranking…to bad???

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