Wreath: Middle English wrethe, from Old English writha; akin to Old English wrIthan to twist

I had resolved to have no wreath on the door this year since in years past we have purchased a fresh wreath from Costco and I didn’t like the wreath they were offering this year. It was just “too much” and it already looked kind of dead. Now, I am pretty picky when it comes to decorating so for me to say it was “too much” just meant that the ribbon and adornments were not my taste. I prefer simplicity to excess any day.

Wreath knocker

BUT, I stopped by Lowe’s to check out their rosemary trees because I wanted something to plant in the pathetically lonely pot next to our front door and I happened upon a sign…”50% off all Christmas merchandise”. Now, mind you, I had already spotted their artificial Christmas wreaths and had balked at spending anything remotely near the price they were marked. However, sale signs have a way of beckoning you back with fresh eyes, and the fact that I also carried a Lowe’s gift certificate in my purse sealed the deal. I picked up a wreath for about eight bucks and found some lovely rustic looking ornaments fashioned out of metal and wood.

Wooden ball

I had a few baby pinecones and some marvelous vintage, red, wooden beads that my hubby’s mum passed on to us this year. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive those! I love them because they remind me of strung cranberries. I also learned that Christmas wreaths were fashioned as a symbol of the crown Christ wore at His death and that the red cranberries found on many wreaths are symbolic of the blood He shed.

Door wreath

A twist here, tuck there and here we have it…it just makes me feel happy to see it on our door. I love seeing the red, vintage, wooden beads. I love knowing that I will see it again next year and get the same happy feelings that are unique to Christmastime. Now if only it smelled like a real tree…


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