Feminine Hygiene and Pine Sol…why didn’t I think of that?

While hubby and I were at Safeway, I couldn’t locate the feminine hygiene products for the life of me. I peered up and down the aisles in the hopes that I would spot them but resorted to reading the signs placed for shoppers’ convenience…

Well, lo and behold, once I read it, it was all so clear…why hadn’t I thought of it?! Of course they were in the cleaning supply aisle! I told my husband the only logic this sort of categorizing brought to mind must have followed this sort of thought process…

*Male store manager overhears a woman patron in the feminine hygiene aisle complaining that they really should place these products in a place where women could have more privacy.

*Male store manager contemplates the best aisle where women would not be invaded by the gocking or insensitively oblivious male species and smiles at his realization.

*Male store manager has all feminine hygiene products moved to the cleaning supply aisle and goes home to his wife with a feeling of great accomplishment.

**Foot in mouth disclaimer: Please allow me to apologize if the phrase “gocking or insensitively oblivious male species” has offended anyone! I will be the first to say that my hubby is absolutely wonderful and does practically ALL of our grocery shopping. It was merely a portrayal of fictitious characters that were plagued with stereotypical tendencies – a far cry from my own reality and most of yours, I’m sure! Hope you enjoyed a chuckle and a few moments of relaxation before the celebratory raucous ensues!


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