A little vanity goes a long way

Vanity Tray collage

Well, now that Christmas sadly has come and gone, I can share about my holiday gifting craft. I saw a beautiful tray on ebay this summer that was made from a window pane and I just adored it. While I didn’t bid on it, I did imagine making one of my own. About August I was pondering the idea of making vanity trays from picture frames, and from that idea these were born.

Over time the trays evolved from merely a table-top display to a glass-etched initialed screen for collages of “a few of my favorite things” that can be displayed standing upright, laying flat or hanging daintily adorned with favorite pieces of jewelry.

This was a precious craft because I was able to personalize each tray and choose colors and ribbons that reflected personality. My hubby also designed the presentation instructions for me – he is so artistic and he knows how to produce the pictures in my mind. Of course that comes of having a husband who lists web designer among his many talents.

Our oldest daughter expressed how much she wanted one of these and I wasn’t sure if it was a heartfelt desire or if it was simply because her perception of the amount of work that was invested made it appealing. However, when she opened the gift (as I was already making one for each of the girls), she smiled gratefully. It wasn’t until I went up to her room to say goodnight that evening and saw that it was already hanging above her bed with a cross and favorite hat dressing it that I knew she really did love it.

That gave me such a warm feeling inside…the kind of feeling that encourages me that I may not always fall short of the mother I would like to be.

I will be adding precious, handwritten notes to these frames on their birthdays along with new bookmarks, patches, photos and such through the years. They will be like my own personal message board to the girls. I also look forward to dangling a lovely new gift of jewelry on them on special occassions.

Complete Vanity Tray


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