Lavatory Etiquette?

Hedgehog inspiration

The other day I was in the “potty room” and decided that it was one of those times when I could be productive in more way than one. I took my laptop in and started browsing for some Christmas crafts. As I was sitting there I began wondering what it must look like from the other side of the door – the evidence of my umbilical cord to the internet web elicits a number of feelings.

1. Laughter that I would take the time to photograph and blog about such things.

2. Pity for the poor laptop that I unnecessarily exposed it to such a work environment.

3. The satisfaction that can only be received from multi-tasking.

So, what I really want to know is – if this were your blog that I was fascinated with while indisposed, is it possible to be flattered? Does the same rule apply to laptops in the lavatory as food? Is there an etiquette for this sort of thing or just more of a don’t ask, don’t tell policy?

All in all, it was a productive session because I came out ready to make a pinecone hedgehog of my very own as evidenced below – although his cute little self has yet to be baked and painted.
Hedgehog project


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