Waking From Winter Dreams

Christmas Tree 2006

This was the week to gaze upon the Christmas tree fondly one last time before packing it up with all the fond reflections of the season. This year our tree gained some precious family memories for me that can be represented solely by the simple strands of popcorn that adorned it. Originally, families would string popcorn, cranberries and other food as a symbol of “plenty”; a representation of the Garden of Eden and God’s abundant provisions. Our family endured many a financial trial this year with my husband being without a consistent paycheck for approximately six months and no paycheck at all for about two months. However, in the midst of all of this, God’s provisions were ever-present and we were able to keep our home, feed our babes and end the year with the blessing of a new job!

Goodbye Ornaments 2006

As I was taking the ornaments off our tree this week, I reflected on the funeral of a dear friend and his son that was occurring nearly simultaneously. Prayers of a teary-eyed sister-in-Christ rose with great effort above the cemetary of ornaments that decorated my floor. I imagined my dear friend mourning over the tragic loss of her husband and five-year-old son and the day she would take down her own Christmas tree this year, pack away ornaments that could bring no joy at a time such as this, and the process of beginning to sort through the memories she is only now beginning to unpack in her mind. There is a wonderful peace in knowing that her beloved husband and son are with the Lord, a pleasure we can only imagine in their absence, but the ache in my heart for my dear friend and the two sons she will now raise as a single mother is tremendous. The ornaments appeared almost dream-like through my teary gaze and I thanked God that our trials of this year were so minute in contrast.

Christmas Decor 2006

The origami balloon light covers are the only remnant of our Christmas that remain. I am so thankful to have happened upon this brilliant idea over at Alicia’s. She never fails to share such loveliness as this. I intend to leave them up year-round as they bring me a wonderful sense of calm and contentment and they add such a warm element to our home. Our home blessed with two lovely little girls, a husband who adores me in spite of myself, a beautiful miracle of our very own to be born any day now and a hope that there will be many more days ahead upon which we can reflect in our golden years – years that are now only a possibility, yet a possibility some will only experience with their beloved in dreams. Dream well, my precious friend Deanna…dream well.


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    destiny said,

    The different ornaments you’ve selected show an eclectic, and festive personality. I like the variety of items you’ve put on the tree. The “kix” strings definitely put a youthful feel to the space provided. I especially liked the swirled lollipop. Thank you for posting your picture. Merry Christmas!

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