Fabric Finds

Sewing Fabric Goodwill

I just discovered that Goodwill is a wonderful place for fabric finds! I got these four treasures there in the last couple weeks and picked up a few more today. You can really happen upon some screaming deals being that they are all “second-hand” items. I plan to make a skirt out of the blue and peachy-green-gold pattern. I want to make some cute blouses like those below out of the two on the right.

Shirt Collage

I picked up 13 linen napkins today that I may use for other projects. Since one of the sets of napkins was actually 5 napkins rather than an even number I will probably use that one to make the strips for my curtain panels that I will hand on the patio door. The bottom fabric in the photo below will make up those panels. All of these were another Goodwill find! These are all already sewn and tailored curtains except that I am altering the design of the bottom, as I mentioned. The blue flowers will go in our five-year-old’s (and soon to be baby’s room). If it is a boy then at least the flowers are blue – but his sister IS the oldest so she will get to have her choice of curtains before he does. The fabric in the middle will go up in our family room. I am still looking for fabric for our kitchen and school room.

Curtain Fabric Goodwill

My mom and aunt came into town on Wednesday the 17th in anticipation of the new arrival and my aunt knows how to sew, knit, and crochet so I am looking forward to learning! I bought this fabric in anticipation of their visit. However, my first sewing project will probably be diaper covers for the baby. Of course, those require elastic and that is very intimidating to me! Nonetheless, I am so motivated to learn while I have the chance that I am up for anything! Now, if only this little bugaboo in my belly would do a somersault. A birthing center birth and a breech baby don’t go hand in hand so we are praying for some acrobatics in the next day or so – or hour or so!



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