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Never thought I’d hear that…

“I stopped letting my five-year-old daughter watch CSI when I realized she was burying her Barbies in the backyard.”

It speaks for itself…


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Infant Insurgence

Wowsers! – Did you just hear Inspector Gadget’s voice, too?

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted! It has been a decade since I have been the mother to a newborn baby girl and I have no ability to regain all this time seemingly lost in the course of days full of nursing, changing diapers, nursing, cuddling, nursing, comforting, nursing, cleaning up spit up, nursing, and adoring our newest addition. (Did I mention nursing?) The forgetfulness is surely all a part of God’s ultimate plan to lead us to believe, in spite of our firsthand experiences, that babies aren’t all that difficult and we should surely have more!

Baby Banner

Of course, these are the same moments that I wish I could remember of my first child; those that are brought to life only by the seemingly second-hand stories of photographs. How is it that I ever forgot? Well, it’s been said that a woman loses memory cells with each pregnancy and there has even been findings that baby girls cause more forgetfulness than baby boys – now that’s just what I needed to hear to make me feel better about my “dumb-mum syndrome”!

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the last couple months, I have still managed to imagine what it would be like to write a blog entry. In fact, I have managed to take photos, attempt new skills about which I can blog (including learning how to use my camera’s manual features and crocheting), conjure up clever entry titles, and I’ve even found my mind making feeble attempts to piece together a few words here and there for when I do get a moment to blog. I mean, I have not even been blogging and it has consumed incredible amounts of my rapidly depleting mental resources!

Being a homeschool mom also takes up a large amount of time and mental resources in a day. I’m telling you, summer vacation is looking so GOOD at this point! Having more time to learn to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, photograph, paper craft and explore the art of pinhole photography in my made-by-hubby darkroom will be so refreshing. I also am looking forward to allowing the kids to just be kids without having to exercise teacher mode as well. That is one thing I have had difficulty with over the last couple years – finding the balance in my roles.

After a two-month-long silence, I have filled this entry with all the excuses as to why I haven’t been writing. All of this to say, “I really haven’t said much of anything!” I don’t dare say the coming entries will surely be more interesting, as I would certainly disappoint at least one of my two three total blog readers out there! However, I will leave you with a taste of the blog titles to come:

Promised Pain – the Eve of natural childbirth

Miracles Happen

Goodwill Hunting

Size Matters

Shrug? Bolero? Shoulderette?…in yellow

Flip Flop Foto

Cupid’s Conspirator

Busting at the Seams

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