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Sunny Days

Yesterday I was thinking about how our wee one does not have a hat to protect her little head. With the weather heating up around here and the fact that we have nary-a-day when the sun doesn’t boldly announce its presence, I deemed this a necessity.


Hubby had a great idea as I rounded the last bend of the brim. “Why don’t you add a kind of ruffle edge to the hat…” You know, those statements that look like a question when you write them but in all reality they are a recommendation? Yea, he said it like that because he knew I would think it was a wonderful idea!


So here it is as modeled by the wee one herself. Oh how I have loved making little treasures out of Goodwill yarn. This is my third crochet project…I think the yarn for the three projects has totaled about five bucks. It is incredibly liberating to realize that you can make an item that you would otherwise go to the store to purchase. It was very rewarding because it whipped up so fast – one day is a lifetime record for me! Of course, my lifetime of crochet is so minute in the scheme of things.


While visiting blogs today, I came across a couple highly contrasting comments that inspire my newfound love of crochet. The first was that of a woman who said that she firmly believes that anything that can be knit, can be done just as well, if not better, in crochet with the exception of socks and hats. Now, it just so happens that I completed a hat and I am pressing on to crochet slippers. Oh how this could put a damper on one’s novice spirit. While my completed items may not illustrate the delicacy of a knit treasure, hopefully they won’t be categorized among the embarrassments of the opposing commenter. She proceeded to witness to the reasons why I never had a desire to learn crochet myself up until now. She linked to several hideous crochet projects while professing repeatedly the mantra, “This is why I have never wanted to learn crochet!” It is true – there are an awful lot of ugly crochet projects out there. So, I’d like to redeem the art by sharing some of the gems I’ve found.

While you ooo and ahhh, I’m off to attempt a pair of wispy blue slippers to add to the collection…


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Free Prayer


So, we were driving down the road and my husband says, “See, there’s the couple I have told you about.” There on the side of the road was the couple you see here with neon orange signs that said, “FREE PRAYER” plastered to their motorcycle. I thought that it was such a great idea to minster to people right where their at (literally on the road in their car contemplating life) that we had to go back to encourage them and chat with them a bit about their ministry.

The name of their ministry is “Bikers with Boundaries” and Emil and Karen are the couple you see here. They started this ministry a few years ago and in that time have seen as many as seven cars stop for prayer in a day. They pray about the locations and days they are to set up. They truly believe that God makes the appointments and they simply have to be where He leads to be God’s hands and feet. What an awesome testimony!

Bikers with Boundaries is a self-supporting, non-profit organization. If you would like to donate to their ministry of reaching people with Divine appointments or simply send a word of encouragement, please check them out.

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National Day of Silence

Today marks the 11th annual National Day of Silence. For those of you who hadn’t heard or weren’t aware, “the event encourages students to take a vow of silence and to hand out cards explaining how their silence highlights the bias that often silences lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, [otherwise known as] LGBT, students.” In other words this is a day to celebrate tolerance of the aformentioned – even more accurately it is a day that is dedicated to somehow “helping” them by demonstrating the mandate we as a society have placed upon them to stay silent or remain in the closet so as not to be harassed or otherwise belittled.

Now, I have seen a vast range of responses to homosexuality, from those who harass, to those who speak muddled truth, to those who speak Truth, to those who speak the Truth in love. There is such tremendous irony in the title “National Day of Silence” simply because the day is reserved to respect and accept those it is dedicated to, however to keep silent is a condemnation to a life of dissatisfaction and pain. So often we forget that those who live in bondage to sin are not joyful. Oh sure, they may appear to be happy, and even be and feel happy at times, however their joy has been held captive without bond. They will never have the ability or means to pay their bondsman (Satan) for the release of their joy ; however, they will spend their whole life facing the rejection and sorrow of trying to do so. Only in Christ will they have the power to breakout of the confinment of sin and into a life of joy, the life He longs for us to live. I refuse to stand silent for homosexuals, but more importantly, I refuse to stand silent for God. I refuse to whisper about homosexuals as it is degrading, but more importantly, I refuse to whisper about my God and Savior. I refuse to shout names and label sinners, as I am a sinner just as you are. However, I will never refuse to spread the hope and joy found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am fully aware and do not long for you to be naive to the fact that the Christian’s life is not always a happy one. We are human beings in a fallen world, not exempt from the temptation of sin, the heat of emotions, and the seduction of the world. The difference does not lie in our world, but in our heart. We, as Christians, have the Holy Spirit residing within us to give us the strength to do anything within His will. I can assure you that includes the ability to overcome your addictions, be it to alcohol, shopping, drugs, gossip, sex (be it adultery, pornography, fornication, or homosexuality), outbursts of anger, overeating, or the grip of depression. Satan’s grip is sneaky, often not terribly uncomfortable, like asphyxiation by means of an invisible gas unnoticeable until it restricts us to the point of paralysis and pain. Only then does the deserving terror of the father of lies become tangible. And then only One can save us from our immenent fate.

Is your sin suffocating you? Are you so comfortable in your sin that it wasn’t until this moment that you felt Satan’s hands around your neck? Are you crying out for someone to love you the way you have been created to be loved? Your desire is a good one, a holy one, given you by your Creator because He wants to fulfill it! Sin is comfortable because we are creatures of habit in an instant society, but I can assure you that it will not bring you the comfort you are seeking. Your Heavenly Father desires to take you in His arms and shower you with blessings; to allow you to experience the love you have resigned yourself to believing is not for “someone like me”. “Someone like me” – what a subjective phrase. Please know this, God does not love us because we are worthy. We are worthy because God so loved the world He sent His only son for you and me…not someone like you…not someone like me. He sent His only son for YOU! Call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and claim Him as your father, your creator, your protector, the lover of your soul, your provider, your healer, your strength, your comfort, your joy, your peace, your contentment, your wisdom, your passion, your compassion, your completion, Savior, and your revivor. Breathe in deeply the breath of Life…eternal Life that is yours. The breath is often a painful one, as if you can been forced underwater until nearly all your oxygen supply was depleted yet you surfaced just in time. Your heart beats rapidly and your breath is piercing. A reminder that something real and life-saving just occurred. How many of us are living on shallow breaths, unaware?

“What a pity that we would rather worship tolerance than tolerate worship.”

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Mister Morton is who?

Mr Morton 400px

This is the tale of Mister Morton
Mister Morton is who?
He is the subject of our tale
and the predicate tells what Mister
Morton must do


Mister Morton walked down the street
Mister Morton walked
Mister Morton talked to his cat
Mister Morton talked
(Hello, cat. You look good.)
Mister Morton was lonely
Mister Morton was


Mister Morton is the subject of the
sentence and what the predicate says,
he does


Mister Morton knew just one girl
Mister Morton knew
Mister Morton grew flowers for Perl
Mister Morton grew
Mister Morton was very shy
Mister Morton was


Mister Morton is the subject of the
sentence and what the predicate says,
he does
The subject is a noun, that’s person,
place or thing
It’s who or what the sentence is about
And the predicate is the verb
That’s the action word
that gets the subject up and out


Mister Morton wrote Pearl a poem
Mister Morton wrote
Pearl replied in the afternoon
Pearl replied by a note
Mister Morton was very nervous
Mister Morton was
Mister Morton is the subject of the
sentence and what the predicate says,
he does!


The cat stretched,
the sun beat down,
a neighbor chased his kid.
(come here kid – come on!)
Each sentence is completed when
you know the subject did.


Mister Morton knocked on her door
Mister Morton knocked
Mister Morton sat on her porch
Yes, he just sat and rocked
when she opened up the door he ran.


Mister Morton climbed up his stairs
Mister Morton climbed
Mister Morton rhymed pretty words
Mister Morton rhymed
Mister Morton was lonely
Mister Morton was
until Pearl showed up with a single
Who says women can’t propose?
Now Mister Morton is happy
and Pearl and the cat are too


They’re the subjects of the sentence
and what the predicate says, they do

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Delancey Street…a foundation of hope

This foundation is such a source of encouragement regarding society that I had to post it. It is so exciting to see a vision that has been turned into a productive contribution to society. The founder of Delancey Street says it perfectly, “You have to be two opposite things at the same time with any population that’s in trouble. You can’t be naive to who they are, and you really have to take a very hard-edged approach to the reality in front of you. But you have to be naive about what they can become. You have to believe all things are possible.”

The Delancey Street Foundation opened in 1971 with less than a handful of residents, a one thousand dollar loan and the vision that substance abusers, former felons and other hopeless individuals would find a place where they would be enabled to turn their lives around and become productive members of society. The foundation is run by the residents and for the residents who have no professional training, no government funding, at no charge to the clients. The residents commit to a minimum two year stay (but average of four years) and, in turn, will gain an academic education and three marketable skills; not to mention the character traits they cultivate along the way.

Over 14,000 people have graduated from a life of crime to become law-abiding, tax-paying members of society. The three marketable skills required to graduate may be obtained from any of the following (all founded and run by the residents): the Delancey Street Restaurant, the Delancey Street Cafe and Bookstore, the Delancey Street Moving Company, the Delancey Street Para Transit Service, the Delancey Street Automotive Service, the Delancey Street Christmas Sales, handcrafted Southwestern style furniture, and handcrafted pottery and art.

You must check out this media clip!

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It’s a miracle!

Well, it’s finally done! Yesterday I looked at the skirt and the onesie resting upon one another in an embrace that said they longed to be together but never would. It was enough to motivate me to attach the skirt whether it was the “right” way or not!


While at my mother-in-law’s for Easter, I consulted Grandma (the crochet queen) and I think that may have helped me to make a go at it. She told me what she thought the “rows” could be defined as for my stitches and I just counted around to see if it would work out. Of course, we both crochet in the “I-have-to-try-it-for-myself-to-see-if-it-would-work” kind of way so I had no way of being sure; however, I am pleased with the final product.


My other motivator was the fact that she wasn’t going to fit in it at all by the time I finished the project…and that was very nearly prophetic (okay, prophetic was used very loosely there)! I definitely need to get going on a bigger size because I think it is just adorable and the airiness is perfect for our hot summers.


The flower was just a little creative inspiration. I think it makes the outfit look so girlie and sweet. This really is an easy pattern, looking back. Of course it wasn’t all that easy during my rip fits! Anyway, I think it will whip up pretty fast in the next size. I learned a few new stitches with this pattern, learned how to “sew” my pieces together and learned how to attach two pieces with a single crochet stitch. The process was well worth enduring.




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Who’s up for a little baby slingin’?

I had NO IDEA how many options there are out there for baby slingsring slings or maya wraps, pouch slings, happypouch, mei tai, padded, unpadded, rebozo, reversible, moby wrap, Storchenwiege, ergo, solarveil; not to mention all the different fabrics – oh fabrics you will be the ruin of me!


I love the ring styles with pockets in them. They are quite handy for if you want to put a pacifier, burp cloth, or diaper and wipes if you are going for a hike. The other great thing about the ring slings is that the extra fabric can be used to pull up over baby as a more discreet way of nursing.


While there are many other sling styles than those I’ve posted here, I believe these offer the greatest variety of carrying styles. I think that is very important because as baby changes, so does the most comfortable way to carry her.


It’s a rarity that I see anyone carrying their child in the kangaroo style with a pouch sling, but I know it is possible. I wonder if it is simply that those that prefer this method lean more toward a ring sling or if it is that those that prefer the pouch sling simply prefer to hold their child inward. Our little one is so curious, that while I believe she would love the cradle carry or belly to belly when she is tired or snuggly, she loves to see what is going on around her most of the time.


There is such a huge range of prices for slings; however, ring slings are definitely consistently more expensive. In light of this, I am thinking about making my own, but I don’t necessarily feel confident making something that may or may not hold my baby securely.

For those of you out there who sling your babes, what’s your opinion on all the different styles? Is there one you have found more beneficial than another, and why?

*Photos were taken from websites in order to share these products.  The companies are linked within the email message.  I did not take the above photos. 

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