An Apple a day – or two or three or four

Aside from the fact that most any techie will claim that Apple is the best (and ONLY) option for their computer, they also offer a ton of great educational resources on their websites for regular people like us! Also, keep in mind that Apple will give homeschoolers/educators a 10% discount on the purchase of a new mac if you simply bring in a book or two that represents your curriculum. We brought in a Weaver volume. Now, back to their website! Their website is multimedia and nearly every link will include video streaming of some sort. Be forgiving if it looks a bit like a Milly Vanilly (how do you spell that anyway?) video because the lips don’t line up with the words, you will benefit richly.

Check out theirDigital Documentaries, The Case of the Zany Animal Antics, Rocket to the Stars, KokoTV, The Case of the Prize-Winning Plants, orThe Case of the “Wright” Invention.

Or check out their Lesson Ideas categorized by grade levels and then further by subject:Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, and High School. These are great for teachers! Check out topics like Funky Fables and Fairy Tales, Poetry in Motion, How Does Electricity Work?, The Life of a Veteran, or Physics Day at a Theme Park.

The other feature I love on their site is the Virtual Field Trip link , The Holocaust Museum Experience: Exploring Daily Decision-Making, Into the Canyon, African Voices, Hydropower: Using a River to Create Energy, Lewis and Clark Then and Now: The Power of Journaling, and Slide Into History: The Story of Baseball and America.

You will see that these are not only interesting and thought-provoking media presentations, but that they often incorporate children as the presenters and they also offer actual lesson plan ideas to accompany the videos. There are online tutorials according to grade level application, or simply as an overview of the site as a whole on the upper right hand side of their main page for those of you who don’t necessarily fly by the seat of your pants like me!


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