Size matters – what’s so big about gauge anyway?

Weeks ago I started an adorable pattern out of Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies by Jane Davis. Now, keep in mind that this is my second crochet project ever. My first was a blanket that I started about two weeks before our daughter was born. I did complete the blanket itself and will show you all when I get the finishing touches added to it (flowers and a vine).


Making a piece of clothing makes gauge a lot more important than making a blanket. As you can see, the green version of the onesie is significantly larger than the blue one below. I ended up tearing the green one out because it looked like a was making a onesie that would fit my ten-year-old daughter instead of our two month old! So, I did a little research about what “fingering weight yarn” looks like as well as the impact yarn and hooks have on gauge.


I know there are several of you out there that are screaming – this is all common sense – but I can assure you there was nothing common about it all to me. The following photo is evidence of my frustration as I was on about the eighth do-over of the pattern. Being so new at this, I don’t know when things are turning out right or not. It turns out that everything was peachy and I didn’t need to rip it out – well, rip it up. In the moments that followed my husband wondered who this mad woman was that he married !


The Crochet Answer Book is a GREAT investment for even the most frugal shopper – Posie just raved about the value of this book as well. Thus far, I have purchased all my yarn from Goodwill and I have really enjoyed having so many different textures and colors at my disposal. I can usually pick up about three or four balls of yarn for around 2 bucks – unless it is Saturday when everything is 50% off. The yarn I ended up using for this project is presumably hand-dyed and spun because the thickness varies throughout. Even after my fit of destruction, I ended up spending about three bucks on this project.


I have since added the straps and crocheted the skirt but now I am trying to figure out how to attach it to the body with single crochets. Such a simple stitch yet such a difficult new concept…any words of wisdom?


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    Tana said,

    Oh gauge, how I love thee. I had written a post about Gauge and My Love of It. And then WordPress ate it for lunch. I love making and then keeping all my swatches. The swatches get put away and one day when I’m looking through them, I’ll remember what I was making and for whom I was making it and who knows? Maybe I can make something really cool out of all the little swatches??

    I wish I could help you out with your crochet piece, but I have not crocheted anything that wasn’t flat. Once I learned to knit, I couldn’t stop to pick up my crochet again (except for the red bag). Good luck – it looks really cute!

  2. 2

    Brittany Burman said,

    Oh my goodness….she is soooo cute in that hat!! I wish I could have the time to learn how to crochet! I love that little skirt too! It came out adorable!

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