Airing out a little laundry

I discovered something about myself today. It was nearly revolutionary, as I always thought I had an obsession with clothing; however, today I discovered the culprit behind the obsession. While sifting through my closet to find stray hangers for the laundry that had thrown itself in suicidal heaps on my floor, I realized that I just needed to bite the bullet and take out the clothes that simply won’t fit my just-had-a-baby-still-nursing self.

I have decided it is in the best interest of everyone in my household that they no longer listen to me whine and moan each time I try them on in the hopes that the 24 hours since the last suck-your-stomach-in-,-squeeze-your-buttocks (I just felt like Forrest Gump)-tight-and-pull-with-all-your-might-body-assault had miraculously shaved off another five or ten pounds. Perhaps I’m delusional to hope my hips will perform a Back To The Future kind of Pangea continental shift – do your hips really every return (this is not a hypothetical question so throw in your two cents!)?

The fact is that I am not uncomfortable with the post-pregnancy me; however, I am uncomfortable with losing my wardrobe! All my pants are on strike – some going so far as to refuse to even allow my thighs in, let alone an attempt at fastening. Shirts that once served the purpose of simply displaying style have gone so far as to display more cleavage than I would dare if I were dressing up as a Dolly Parton look-alike. Skirts that once pulled on ever-so-normally over my feet, are now thrown over my head and pulled downward in desperate attempts to avoid another day of sweatpants.

My how I have digressed from my original intention…

So, in the midst of all this cleaning closet, I realized it is fabric I adore! If I could morph the clothing in my closet into other items that actually DID fit, I would be perfectly content to do so. So, I started tonight…cutting out my first sewing project. Of course, you’ll be hearing about the results in the near-ummm, well, not-so-distant -future, so stay tuned.


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    mermaids said,

    good luck with the sewing! you are right to try to accept your body for what it is. producing another human being is hard work. it is entirely normal to *not* snap right back to your pre-pregnancy shape. it is entirely normal to *never* return to that shape again. exercise and eat well to keep yourself healthy. if you get smaller in the process…that’s a bonus…but the goal should be well being. in the meantime, definitely get some things in your closet that you enjoy wearing. if you think you good, you will feel good…no matter what your shape is.

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