Who’s up for a little baby slingin’?

I had NO IDEA how many options there are out there for baby slingsring slings or maya wraps, pouch slings, happypouch, mei tai, padded, unpadded, rebozo, reversible, moby wrap, Storchenwiege, ergo, solarveil; not to mention all the different fabrics – oh fabrics you will be the ruin of me!


I love the ring styles with pockets in them. They are quite handy for if you want to put a pacifier, burp cloth, or diaper and wipes if you are going for a hike. The other great thing about the ring slings is that the extra fabric can be used to pull up over baby as a more discreet way of nursing.


While there are many other sling styles than those I’ve posted here, I believe these offer the greatest variety of carrying styles. I think that is very important because as baby changes, so does the most comfortable way to carry her.


It’s a rarity that I see anyone carrying their child in the kangaroo style with a pouch sling, but I know it is possible. I wonder if it is simply that those that prefer this method lean more toward a ring sling or if it is that those that prefer the pouch sling simply prefer to hold their child inward. Our little one is so curious, that while I believe she would love the cradle carry or belly to belly when she is tired or snuggly, she loves to see what is going on around her most of the time.


There is such a huge range of prices for slings; however, ring slings are definitely consistently more expensive. In light of this, I am thinking about making my own, but I don’t necessarily feel confident making something that may or may not hold my baby securely.

For those of you out there who sling your babes, what’s your opinion on all the different styles? Is there one you have found more beneficial than another, and why?

*Photos were taken from websites in order to share these products.  The companies are linked within the email message.  I did not take the above photos. 


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