It’s a miracle!

Well, it’s finally done! Yesterday I looked at the skirt and the onesie resting upon one another in an embrace that said they longed to be together but never would. It was enough to motivate me to attach the skirt whether it was the “right” way or not!


While at my mother-in-law’s for Easter, I consulted Grandma (the crochet queen) and I think that may have helped me to make a go at it. She told me what she thought the “rows” could be defined as for my stitches and I just counted around to see if it would work out. Of course, we both crochet in the “I-have-to-try-it-for-myself-to-see-if-it-would-work” kind of way so I had no way of being sure; however, I am pleased with the final product.


My other motivator was the fact that she wasn’t going to fit in it at all by the time I finished the project…and that was very nearly prophetic (okay, prophetic was used very loosely there)! I definitely need to get going on a bigger size because I think it is just adorable and the airiness is perfect for our hot summers.


The flower was just a little creative inspiration. I think it makes the outfit look so girlie and sweet. This really is an easy pattern, looking back. Of course it wasn’t all that easy during my rip fits! Anyway, I think it will whip up pretty fast in the next size. I learned a few new stitches with this pattern, learned how to “sew” my pieces together and learned how to attach two pieces with a single crochet stitch. The process was well worth enduring.





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  1. 1

    Claire said,

    OMGawd that is too adorable. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  2. 3

    Lesalicious said,

    Love that outfit cute:)

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