Sunny Days

Yesterday I was thinking about how our wee one does not have a hat to protect her little head. With the weather heating up around here and the fact that we have nary-a-day when the sun doesn’t boldly announce its presence, I deemed this a necessity.


Hubby had a great idea as I rounded the last bend of the brim. “Why don’t you add a kind of ruffle edge to the hat…” You know, those statements that look like a question when you write them but in all reality they are a recommendation? Yea, he said it like that because he knew I would think it was a wonderful idea!


So here it is as modeled by the wee one herself. Oh how I have loved making little treasures out of Goodwill yarn. This is my third crochet project…I think the yarn for the three projects has totaled about five bucks. It is incredibly liberating to realize that you can make an item that you would otherwise go to the store to purchase. It was very rewarding because it whipped up so fast – one day is a lifetime record for me! Of course, my lifetime of crochet is so minute in the scheme of things.


While visiting blogs today, I came across a couple highly contrasting comments that inspire my newfound love of crochet. The first was that of a woman who said that she firmly believes that anything that can be knit, can be done just as well, if not better, in crochet with the exception of socks and hats. Now, it just so happens that I completed a hat and I am pressing on to crochet slippers. Oh how this could put a damper on one’s novice spirit. While my completed items may not illustrate the delicacy of a knit treasure, hopefully they won’t be categorized among the embarrassments of the opposing commenter. She proceeded to witness to the reasons why I never had a desire to learn crochet myself up until now. She linked to several hideous crochet projects while professing repeatedly the mantra, “This is why I have never wanted to learn crochet!” It is true – there are an awful lot of ugly crochet projects out there. So, I’d like to redeem the art by sharing some of the gems I’ve found.

While you ooo and ahhh, I’m off to attempt a pair of wispy blue slippers to add to the collection…


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  1. 1

    Lesalicious said,

    Oh wow look at that pretty baby aww so cute, love that hat it’s pretty. 🙂

  2. 2

    Diana said,

    Great hat and great blog! I’ll be checking back. I have wanted to pick up crochet again too. Did very little several years ago.

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