Maryana Vollstedt, will you be my grandma?



If you have ever owned, borrowed, eaten a recipe from, checked out from the library, or even read a rave review on one of her cookbooks, you may get the same warm and fuzzy feeling I do when I see her name. I came across The Big Book of Casseroles a few weeks ago in the library while trying to find some great recipes to make in large batches and freeze for later meals. I’ve cooked about 5 recipes from this collection and haven’t come across a disappointment – she is amazing! These are the kind of ingredients you actually already have in your home – and the kind of quantity that always leaves room for another guest at the table. These are the kind of tastes and smells that elicit fond memories of dinner at grandma’s house.


I am so excited to try Maryana Vollstedt’s entire line of cookbooks including:


Pacific Fresh ©1995
What’s for Dinner? © 1997
The Big Book of Soups and Stews © 2001
The Big Book of Breakfast © 2003
The Big Book of Potluck © 2003
The Big Book of Easy Suppers © 2005
Meatloaf © 2006
The Big Book of Chicken to be released spring 2008


Thanks to my darling hubby and to my mom for giving me a birth day, I am now the elated owner of this casserole classic. So if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop on by! With 250 recipes, I’m sure to be cooking one or pulling one out of the freezer that’ll tickle your tastebuds.


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