When I grow up I wanna be a seamstress…



I’ve started my adventures in sewing now that I have discovered what was ailing my sewing machine. I received my sewing machine as a gift nearly a decade ago now and while I have used it v-e-r-y intermittently during those years, I have not actually attempted to learn the art of sewing.




So, as with most things I desire to know, I checked out some books and started reading. I visited my local thrift stores and began to collect, no more like hoard, wonderful patterns and fabrics. I pulled out my sewing machine, cut fabrics, broke thread, fed fabric to the feed dogs rather than through them, stitched, unstitched, stitched, unstitched, learned the value of backstitching by holding down the backstitch button so the machine feeds the fabric and I don’t have to shove the fabric backward through the machine damaging my needle, thread and fabric all at once! This delusion that I could simply press a button came from watching women with thousand dollar machines on television press their button so carefree-like. Note to self: I do not own a fancy shmancy machine like those women who make money sewing on television and no matter how much I treat my sewing machine like a fancy shmancy machine it will not morph into such.




I did make my own bias tape for this, my first, clothing project. As you can see though, I failed to tuck and fold the bias tape where it ended. Ah, the beauty of knowing that my daughter will never know, or care, that the haphazard seams of her shirt screams, “I was made by a novice!”




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  1. 1

    mermaids said,

    sweet little dress and even sweeter little baby. don’t give up on the sewing. it looks like you are doing a fine job. don’t worry about the lack of a fancy machine. people were making gorgeous things long before the fancy machines were invented.

  2. 2

    What a doll in such a cute dress!!!

    Although I will admit I hoard fancy smancy sewing machines and those buttons can be quite fun, there’s still nothing like a good old simple sewing machine to create with!

    With friendship,

  3. 3

    Damian said,

    Would you sew an outfit from selected fabric for pay, or is this a hobby?

    …and yes very cute baby!

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