The incident of the naughty…knotty yarn


That sweater looks so pretty…so serene there hanging on the chair. I was so excited to be nearly finished with it until I decided to take out one of the sleeves because I needed to lengthen it and I had missed a few stitches in the pattern that I didn’t understand until I got to the second sleeve. I was inspired by the fact that our five-year-old was actually really excited that I was crocheting her a “pretty sweater” and so I started ripping out stitches, only to discover that it was actually the front panel and not the sleeve as I had thought. So, I continued pulling the yarn thinking that I would just take out the sleeve but it actually started unraveling the back panel! I was so frustrated, that what remains of the kinky yarn lies in a pile of knots; a pile that could easily resemble my body due to the stress of it all.

It got me to thinking that if I were a knitter, I am sure it would take me a lot longer to thrash my yarn in a fit of frustration because the work would have taken me so much longer to complete to that point. Flying knitting needles also seems a more dangerous vision than crochet hooks. I really wouldn’t have been so emotional if I had *made a choice* to rip out all the stitches, but I was really happy to know that the sweater was going to be eagerly received that it made it that much more painful, and a tantrum on my part ensued. Well, I will be back to crocheting it again in a day or two and I am hoping that by the weekend I can be closer to the finish line than I was before today – before the incident today, that is.


On a happier note, I am also sewing up this adorable dress for the babe. It is a really simple pattern but I have been putting it off because I had to make up my binding. Tonight I got that done and I am going to finish up pinning it tomorrow. I haven’t touched my sewing machine in about a week and it feels strange. I am looking forward to getting this doll of a dress done. Isn’t the vintage pattern just precious?! Can you see the price up there in the corner – yep, that’s right .35. Now that was back in the day!


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    Felicia said,

    That dress will be terrific!

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    Beautiful colors. Ripping out stitches is part of knitting and crocheting that I don’t necessary like, but I realize is a reality. It reminds me that I’m not perfect and how much I need Jesus. Keep up the crocheting.

    The sewing project looks more difficult than you let on with all those ruffles; plus, I don’t see the words “easy” anywhere on that pattern. You should feel good about it though when you are done. 🙂

  3. 3

    Sally Anne said,

    The colours are so perfect on your little one’s sweater, tomorrow when you tackle it again or maybe even the next day you will be able to fix it I am sure…such beautiful work. Thank you for reading my blog and yes all the stitching will eventually be filled in…can’t wait !

  4. 4

    […] 6, 2007 · Filed under Sewing In addition to my other current projects, I am recycling a dress of mine. It is being transformed into three skirts for the girls and a top […]

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