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Delancey Street…a foundation of hope

This foundation is such a source of encouragement regarding society that I had to post it. It is so exciting to see a vision that has been turned into a productive contribution to society. The founder of Delancey Street says it perfectly, “You have to be two opposite things at the same time with any population that’s in trouble. You can’t be naive to who they are, and you really have to take a very hard-edged approach to the reality in front of you. But you have to be naive about what they can become. You have to believe all things are possible.”

The Delancey Street Foundation opened in 1971 with less than a handful of residents, a one thousand dollar loan and the vision that substance abusers, former felons and other hopeless individuals would find a place where they would be enabled to turn their lives around and become productive members of society. The foundation is run by the residents and for the residents who have no professional training, no government funding, at no charge to the clients. The residents commit to a minimum two year stay (but average of four years) and, in turn, will gain an academic education and three marketable skills; not to mention the character traits they cultivate along the way.

Over 14,000 people have graduated from a life of crime to become law-abiding, tax-paying members of society. The three marketable skills required to graduate may be obtained from any of the following (all founded and run by the residents): the Delancey Street Restaurant, the Delancey Street Cafe and Bookstore, the Delancey Street Moving Company, the Delancey Street Para Transit Service, the Delancey Street Automotive Service, the Delancey Street Christmas Sales, handcrafted Southwestern style furniture, and handcrafted pottery and art.

You must check out this media clip!

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A love like this…

I ran across this story about Annie and Jerry Perasa and I just HAD to share. You will definitely be blessed. Although I am not partial to many of NPR’s liberal slants, I have discovered wonderful diamonds-in-the-rough there. This one sparkles more than any of them! Just take a listen.

“The story of Danny and Annie Perasa — how they met, and how they’ve stayed in love — inspires many who hear it. Their joy in life, and in one another, was celebrated recently in New York, where a crowd gathered to honor Danny and Annie.

The Perasas are a memorable couple. In person, they come off like a pair of favorite grandparents, with thoughtful wisecracks and stories that take unpredictable turns. They say their affinity for one another was always obvious — Danny proposed marriage on their first date.

When the Perasas launch into a story, their joy in telling it is obvious. Married since 1978, they have a sweetness about them that makes everyday items — like notes left around the house — seem exciting. On the radio and in person, Annie and Danny’s infectious enthusiasm draws listeners in, making them strain to hear what the couple have to say.

Their enthusiasm has now been honored in a tangible way. The StoryCorps oral history project has dedicated its booth in Grand Central Terminal to the Perasas. On Friday, Feb. 10, a plaque was unveiled that dedicated the booth to the Perasas.

The plaque reads: ‘This booth is dedicated to Danny and Annie Perasa, who recorded their story here on January 6, 2004. Their humor, heart, eloquence and love will never be forgotten.’

The couple made the trip to the ceremony despite Danny’s illness: Suffering from pancreatic cancer, he is currently in hospice care. Their visit was a treat for those present, as the Perasas revisited the conversation they had that day in 2004, and the life they’ve shared since 1978.”

What a blessing to know your love’s love in this way…

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