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Masterpiece by piece


We are decorating our youngests’ room in a classic literature theme, to include The Wind in the Willows. As you can see, we have some of the most adorable knit figures of the characters (as well as one of the most adorable little girls). Apparently the little darlings were picked up at an estate sale. I envision a very patient – and talented – granny knitting away at these while fondly recalling the voice of her own mother or father reading the whimsical tale that brought them to life.

Yea, well, I am prone to daydreaming through the filter of idealism…it make things so much more interesting then the little bit I can actually admit to knowing. It’s something like a Big Fish syndrome.

It was to my delight that I was alerted to the fact that PBS will be airing the tale this Easter Sunday – how wonderful! Being that this a Masterpiece Theatre production, I expect that it will be quite unique – especially considering the fact that the characters are unmistakably human with animal-like tendencies rather than animals with human-like tendencies as we have come to expect.

Our little peanut practically looks like a knit figurine herself in her precious new dress – made especially for her by her auntie. We just got it in the mail the other day and it is so sweet! What great talent is revealed through the hunger of novice craftsmen. I so look forward to seeing my sister-in-law’s work evolve as she dresses her niece with her one-of-a-kind baby couture items one piece at a time!


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