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Game Time!

Stare 3

Last week I made a Goodwill run and happened upon this great game called STARE! Yes, we are “one of those families” that love to play games and Goodwill is the place to find them cheap. Take this one, for instance, it sells retail for $29.99 at places like Target, yet I paid a whole $1.99 for it and it is in like new condition. Above you can check out some examples of the artwork from such sources as Norman Rockwell, DC Comics, Action Comics, old advertisements, product packages, movie posters, and more. I always feel so elementary adding lines like “and more” to a sentence, but sometimes enough is enough and I simply want to get to what’s next.

So, the object of the game is to “stare” at the card you receive for 20 seconds and study as much detail as possible before it is snatched away from you and the interrogations begin. So, go ahead…give it a shot! I have enlarged a single card for your eyes to study – remember, only 20 seconds. Go…


Now, don’t look again and try to answer these questions:


1. You can partially see the man’s reflection in the back mirror. True or False

2. There are three swirls on the box of Cheer. What colors are they?


So, how did you do? Do tell! And to wrap things up with a bit of personal nostalgia – I had to pick this game up as well – for my children, of course!  Do you recognize it? Come on, if you’re a member of Generation X I bet you’ve played it or watched your sister and her friends play it (like my hubby).

Mystery Game

Here is a great resource I found as a result of this game that had all the pieces but no instructions. If it’s a Hasbro game, have no fear – pay the cheaper price and just download the missing instructions.



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Mister Morton is who?

Mr Morton 400px

This is the tale of Mister Morton
Mister Morton is who?
He is the subject of our tale
and the predicate tells what Mister
Morton must do


Mister Morton walked down the street
Mister Morton walked
Mister Morton talked to his cat
Mister Morton talked
(Hello, cat. You look good.)
Mister Morton was lonely
Mister Morton was


Mister Morton is the subject of the
sentence and what the predicate says,
he does


Mister Morton knew just one girl
Mister Morton knew
Mister Morton grew flowers for Perl
Mister Morton grew
Mister Morton was very shy
Mister Morton was


Mister Morton is the subject of the
sentence and what the predicate says,
he does
The subject is a noun, that’s person,
place or thing
It’s who or what the sentence is about
And the predicate is the verb
That’s the action word
that gets the subject up and out


Mister Morton wrote Pearl a poem
Mister Morton wrote
Pearl replied in the afternoon
Pearl replied by a note
Mister Morton was very nervous
Mister Morton was
Mister Morton is the subject of the
sentence and what the predicate says,
he does!


The cat stretched,
the sun beat down,
a neighbor chased his kid.
(come here kid – come on!)
Each sentence is completed when
you know the subject did.


Mister Morton knocked on her door
Mister Morton knocked
Mister Morton sat on her porch
Yes, he just sat and rocked
when she opened up the door he ran.


Mister Morton climbed up his stairs
Mister Morton climbed
Mister Morton rhymed pretty words
Mister Morton rhymed
Mister Morton was lonely
Mister Morton was
until Pearl showed up with a single
Who says women can’t propose?
Now Mister Morton is happy
and Pearl and the cat are too


They’re the subjects of the sentence
and what the predicate says, they do

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